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Welcome & FAQ

Welcome everyone! Thank you for taking this journey of creative writing with me. This is the post where I do my best to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions about how this whole process goes. Let’s begin:

What in the hell is a 30/30?
Thirty poems in thirty days. That’s it and that’s all. Some people will do a poem per day, some will write in bunches. The goal is to have a total of 30 poems at the end of the journey; how you get there is up to you.

Why are we doing it?
To give our creative muscles some exercise! The best way to keep those mental muscles strong is to work them out. This is an opportunity to do so. This whole thing started as a personal challenge the ‘organizer’ was taking on himself, and somehow grew into a movement.

What are rules?
Umm…there are no rules, really. Then only ‘rule’ here is that you enjoy and challenge yourself.

Who’s organizing it?
‘Organize’ isn’t exactly the right word, but if someone had to be chosen, it would be Stefan (@revizion)

What kinds of poems should I write?
There is no specific form, so do what you are comfortable with. Free form, haiku, sonnets, etc. Read more about forms here:

When is this taking place?
We’re starting on Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 and ending on Wednesday, January 13th, 2010.

I missed the start date, is it too late to join?
Of course not! Join in and try to catch up if you can.

Who’s participating?
You can see a list of the Twitter users who are currently participating here: Already participating? Send you link to be added to the blogroll.

Who can participate?
Anyone and everyone are invited to take part.

How can I participate?
Write you poems and post them to your blog. Then tweet your post with the #30in30 hastag

What if I don’t have a blog or Twitter account?
Need somewhere to post? Check out Want to be Featured?

How can I follow along?
You can follow the #30in30 hashtag on Twitter, add it to your RSS feed, or follow the 30in30 Twitter account (@30poems30days)

Is this a contest?
No, its not a contest.

Will there be others?
Of course! Email to stay in the loop.

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  1. CopperSoul permalink
    12/15/2009 10:42 pm

    Hey Stefan! I sent you an email with the link. Did you get it?

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